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title_ornament Raphael Carpenter showreel as a camera and steadicam operator on YouTube

Let's start from begin. I am a Freelancer Camera and Steadicam owner operator based in UK who works all over the country and abroad. Having equipment means itís easier and more economical to go for shoots (don't need to rent). I have credits in all types of productions including Features, Mini Series, Tvc's, Documentaries and Music videos. The Steadicam is a full FILM and VIDEO rig that carry most cameras including 35mm, 16mm and HD. It has all the extras needed including low mode brackets and dolly mounts, HD video transmitters and a RedRock Micro remote follow focus. The main advantage of having a camera operator with own Steadicam is when and if its needed I can grab it at a moment's notice and at good rate which will save a lot of time, money and improve the production value of a project. Here you have some sample footage (as a Steadi and Camera operator).

It's been filmed last Autumn on Allianz Arena Stadium / London for CBRE Company. Camera used Canon C500, Lens: Zeiss CP.2 18mm, Stabiliser: Steadicam Pilot HD-SDI.

The next one is a short film taken this spring 2016 in Brighton - Seaside South England. Very cold but sunny day allowed me to show how to manage a strongly contrasty scene during sunrise. Also a few Slow-mo efects. Camera used Sony F55 with Zeiss CP.2 15mm for wide and Zeiss CP.2 50mm for normal angle.

The next one was an old low budget short film. Epic video teeling a story about the man who one day met a best part of his life ;) They got married finally. Camera used Sony FS700R with Zeiss CP.2 35mm and Zeiss Loxia 50mm.

The next one it's a nice sample of S-Log2 footage on very contrasty enviroment. Camera used Sony F55 with Zeiss CP.2 15mm lens, AXVC Intra coded, colour corrected in DaVinci Resolve 12.

Phone: +44 1293 385536 / Mobile: +44 7432 606247 / Contact: info@raphaelcarpenter.co.uk